Hello and welcome to my website!

I’m William Morris, a world traveller discovering the best of what this spinning blue planet of ours has to offer one country at a time.
Ever since I was a kid I’ve always dreamed of seeing the world, hearing foreign languages, meeting some of the hotests chicks, partying, getting fucked up and trying exotic foods. I imagined what it would be like to drop into a city where I didn’t know a single person and of getting lost in its streets and uncovering its secrets along the way.
As I got older and actually had the chance to taste my first bit of foreign travel the bug bit me even harder, I couldn’t get enough of discovering new people and places. Every new country that I visited seemed to open up a whole new world of understanding, not only of the people there but of myself as well.

Eric and I at the Cannabis cup in Denver
Eric and I at the Cannabis cup in Denver 2016

As such, I’m a firm believer that the best way to expand your mind is to expand your borders and I’m looking to stretch mine 360 degrees (with the help of Jah) all the way around the globe. But this is no pre-packaged bus trip from one franchise hotel to another, I’m looking to get off the beaten path (with a few friends of mine like Eric) and discover what makes every city, town and country I visit truly unique.
I want to find the cafe that’s still serving coffee at 2am when the bars get out, the discotheque that doesn’t have a sign but that all the locals love, the dusty hole in the wall jazz club with the unknown singer that puts the artists on the Top of the Pops to shame. We are into intense partying and trust me you will get to know that! I want to dine on the local grub, get drunk on the local booze and party till the break of dawn with the local people as well as taste some of the best weeds this world has to offer.
ABest of all? I want to take you along for the ride! I’m going to be chronicling each and every one one of my adventures on this very website so that you all can follow along on this globetrotting “stoner” adventure.

This trip and this website is for anyone who, like me, subscribes to the philosophy that a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met and that life is too short Carpe Diem! I’m sure there will be ups and downs along the way but those are part of what make traveling so exciting. Along with documenting the places I visit I’ll also be writing about how I get there. During my travels I’ve had transportation experiences you wouldn’t believe, whether it’s hanging on for dear life on the back of a motorbike as it speeds down a dirt road or watching dolphins swim next to my boat as I float downstream I’ve learned that it’s true what they say, the journey is just as fun as the destination. I promise that the sorts of places I go and the experiences I have aren’t the kind that you’re going to find in any run of the mill tourism guide, instead you’re going to get an authentic look at each place and what it means to put the vagabond ethic into practice and hopefully be inspired to take a trip of your own!

Last Trip in Maui! Awesomeee