Travel to Madagascar, discover more than a country

Each year, a lot of tourists chose Madagascar as their destination for a summer holiday. If you are one of them, you are probably wondering the following things:

Did I make the right choice?

It is a question that can torment many people. I am talking about a trip, and not just any trip, a trip to Madagascar. Yes, let’s leave aside the high-profile destinations and focus a little on the essentials of travel, in other words, discovery.

Madagascar is more than just a country to discover

Indeed, Madagascar is a country that I consider to be special. A lot of people only know about it from the film. Don’t worry; there is none of this in this beautiful country of the Indian Ocean. Only fossas and lemurs exist, but there is no hippopotamus, no giraffe, and even less lion. Speaking of fauna and flora, Madagascar has a real treasure in this field.

If I only talk about baobabs and reptiles, 75% of the latter are only visible on the island. And it’s just a sample. Unfortunately, I could not mention all the Malagasy treasures here, but you have to come to see it. The real problem with a trip to Madagascar is the impracticability of the roads. Imagine 10 hours in a minibus, dying of heat with the turkeys and chickens under your seat, and that to travel a distance of less than 500 km. I can see very clearly that you expect me to reveal the secret to avoid that.

Locals’s tricks?

Some may expect me to provide them with advice to make their trip to Madagascar perfect. I’m sorry to say I’m not a miracle worker. I can only share my experience on the destination. It is important to know that in most cases, flights to Madagascar land in the capital, Antananarivo. A rather dull city, in my opinion, I wouldn’t dwell on it too much if I were you.

The streets become quite dangerous when the night begins to fall. I’m not paranoid, but I’m just telling the truth. It is where you must now make your choice unless you have well planned your trip. For my part, I was satisfied with my valuable guide and backpack and on the way to the adventure. Three choices are then available:

  • Head south and cross the RN7, a mythical national road with its so-called “dahalos” – highway bandits – that I consider to be myths to frighten the population. You should just be wary of night travel, that’s all I recommend. Landscapes that have nothing to envy from the American westerns parade along the road, passing through the Isalo Park, which is a must visit.
    Choose to head west towards Majunga, the city of flowers, the most famous seaside city on the island, but I don’t think that’s the case.
  • Otherwise, this city is especially exciting because of its climate: hot and dry with a minimum humidity level. In my opinion, it’ s only a tourist catch, but it only involves me.
  • The last option is to take the eastern route, my favorite. Okay, I’m not advertising, but it’s just to say what I think. The landscape on National Road 2 is such that I can’t find the right words to describe it. Tamatave, Madagascar’s first port, is the culmination of this road. Continuing north along the coast, this is my favorite part of the big island. National road 5 is more of a track than a road. Sometimes you have to cross water fords, river mouths to continue on the road. But all this in a setting that is just beautiful.