I tested canyoning in the Sierra de Guara.

In July I returned to a little-known region of Spain, the Sierra de Guara National Park. I had stopped there for two days during our road trip in a van from Arcachon to the Sierra de Guara, and I loved it. I promised myself that I would come back to explore the region a little more.

The park is considered as the “near Pyrenees” composed mainly of gorges and canyons in dry and Mediterranean vegetation. This region is very famous for canyoning in Spain, with no less than 60 canyons, and climbing (among other things). The walls of the gorges make it a spectacular playground.

A day Canyoning in the Sierra de Guara


For this experience, I chose the Petit Mascun course; this canyon is an excellent choice for beginners. The path is quite accessible; jumps are not mandatory, there is no abseiling or too vertiginous stuff. But it remains fun, sporty and amicable.


A short hike in the Gorges

I start the day in Rodellar, a cute little hamlet. After taking possession of the equipment, I dive into the river fully dressed to stay cool for an hour’s hike to reach the start of the canyon.

During this walk, I discovered other villages made of stone. Here it is the headquarters of climbers, everywhere the athletes who indulge their passion.


Canyoning departure


I picked up on the edge of a small beach before putting on our suits and putting our stuff in waterproof cans in our backpack. Then it’s off! Now I can’t march anymore. I trust our guide who is very reassuring and attentive, no pressure. The spectacular landscapes that I can only see in canyoning revealed itself before our eyes. I don’t know what to expect; the route takes river paths that I would never have dared to cross without our instructor. What an excitement!

The first jump


That’s it, and I’m finally getting there. The first jump on the course is 2 meters, a good start to build confidence. After a few hesitations, I jumped into the water! And it’s too good! This jump moved our friend who had never done anything like this before. It feels good to let go and push your limits a little bit. I’ll ask for more.


Second jump 3 meters


As I said at the beginning, jumps are not mandatory, and there is always a way around them. But I like to do a little violence to myself, so it happened all by itself. My friends and I made a block on this one, and we had to go down a little on the rock to jump, get on your buttocks, get up all of a sudden and go. She was afraid to slip because she didn’t trust her shoes. So make sure you take good sneakers with you.


Last jump of 6 meters


The end of the canyon and another river joined, the walls here are steeper and allow higher jumps than I can do several times. And I had a great time with Laure. I admit that once I was upstairs, I was less smart, it was necessary to be motivated to jump. But I loved that feeling so much. I lost confidence in myself during the last few months, especially when hiking, the fear of falling, slipping and dizziness disabled me a lot during our walks in Reunion Island. And this day gave me back my confidence.