Most underrated travel destinations in 2018

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The end of the year is always an opportunity to think about the following year. Including for your trips ;-)

At the end of 2017, I have decided to share with you some ideas for destinations for 2017. The only logic of this list is to try to orient oneself towards less visited destinations and to go to unknown regions of tourist countries.
My year 2017 has been rich in travel and some of these destination ideas for 2018 come from my travels this year. But not just that!

South Korea, A Forgotten Destination

Last revelation of 2016 and destination that I highly recommend to you, South Korea. It’s a country to discover. Korea has points in common with China and Japan but is different from these two countries.

South Korea is little known in France and is full of places to discover. Between the small traditional villages, the bustle of Seoul or the tea plantations of the south of the country, it is a destination where activities can be numerous and varied.

Okinawa, Another Japan

Japan is an increasingly popular destination for Europeans. Nevertheless, the vast majority of tourists visit the same places in Japan: Tokyo, Kyoto, and their respective surroundings.

Japan has many other places worth visiting. I will soon tell you about my last trip to Japan in unknown places in Japan, notably in the prefectures of Tottori and Hyogo.

The Okinawa Archipelago is another place to discover in Japan. Isolated from the rest of Japan, the archipelago is famous for its cuisine, its art of living but also for karate, native to this archipelago.

After three trips to Japan, I can’t wait to go back and why not to Okinawa this time? If you have already been to Japan, it is most certainly for a trip to discover the great classics. This is quite normal and very often the case for a first trip. If you plan to go back, why not try Okinawa?

A Paradise Journey To The Philippines?

If you dream of a trip to paradise islands to enjoy the fine sand and turquoise sea, head for the Philippines!

My trip to the Philippines was one of my favorites of this year 2016. Beyond the dream islands, a trip to the Philippines also allows you to discover culture and grandiose landscapes.

The Philippines attracts fewer travelers than other Southeast Asian countries, and yet, the country of 7000 islands is magical! I invite you to read or reread my travel diary in the Philippines.

Iran, A Country To Discover!

I have never been to Iran before, and this country has attracted me for a long time… This idea of destination can concern you but also concerns me. This is one of my objectives for 2017, to discover Iran. Iran has been on my list of travel desires for far too long.

Tourism in Iran is developing following the gradual lifting of the (scandalous) US embargo.

A resolutely cultural destination, Iran is a fascinating country full of historical sites. The hospitality of the Iranians is no longer to prove and rare are those who return from Iran being disappointed…


Another little-known yet magnificent country, the Sultanate of Oman. The cost of living in Oman must certainly be a factor. Traveling to Oman is not necessarily cheap.

But this country is beautiful. From superb beaches to the desert through magnificent mountains and valleys, the Sultanate of Oman is a delight for lovers of nature and wide open spaces.

This country lends itself perfectly to the road trip, and it is according to me the mode of travel to retain to discover Oman. So if you want to embark on a road trip in 2017, think of the Sultanate of Oman and its wide open spaces just for you:) And there are plenty of places of interest in Oman…