Trendy destination of the month: Djibouti

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Nestled in East Africa, between Somalia, Eritrea, and Ethiopia, Djibouti is still a popular destination for tourists promising to delight nature lovers.

Bordered by the gulfs of Aden and Tadjoura, this small African country is known for its black lava fields and steam-spitting chimneys, created by the tectonic plates that animate the soil. These landscapes with the appearance of Martian or lunar decorations attract geology fans particularly, admiring in front of the extinct volcanoes, the limestone columns, the jerky plains and the deserts of dark stones. It is the ideal place for the curious wishing to lose the thread of time in front of a view that exists nowhere else, except perhaps on Lanzarote, the island of the Canary archipelago, or in the region of Myvatn in the North East of Iceland. Salt lakes, like Assal, with their millions of small white crystals, fascinate all visitors to the country.

Between volcanoes and heavenly beaches

Lazy lovers will also enjoy Djibouti on the white sandy beaches and turquoise waters of the Gulf of Aden. These clear waters also allow snorkeling fans to admire the incredible marine flora and even dive with whale sharks. In this French-speaking country, you will also discover a fantastic mix of cultures between Arab and African traditions, without forgetting French influences. Leaving Djibouti City, the capital where the majority of tourist resorts are located, you will be able to make numerous expeditions in a great diversity of landscapes which will mark your spirits. To be accompanied by a guide will allow you not to miss anything of the essentials and will avoid you losing yourself too long in the middle of the plains of rocks.

Today, Djibouti welcomes about 50,000 tourists per year, a figure that is continuously growing. You wish to enjoy this nature still in its wild state? It’s time to go!