Awesome Trip to Playa Del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, Cancun

Hey what’s up guys, today is the day you’ll get to learn about our epic trip in Mexico!

Packing my bags pre-flight

On board during the flight
On board during the flight

I was thirty minutes into Googling ‘Playa Del Carmen’ when my phone started playing “Exit Music” by Radiohead. To be honest, I was two hours into a rabbit hole that led me from my original search to scrolling through Facebook. I tapped the power button on the side of my phone and silenced the alarm. Procrastinating had yet again failed to serve me as I leaped from the couch and began throwing together a bag. Passport, check. I.D., check. Being a guy is easy, you can do anything last minute. Road joint, check. With a lit joint hanging from my lip, I headed out the door when I got a call from Eric.

Timeless Flight

Falling asleep on an airplane ride is the virtual equivalent of becoming an X-Man. My powers must be time traveling and teleportation. I woke up just in time to order a cocktail from the attractive flight attendant. Eric nudged me as she walked away. “That’s the kind of women that are going to be there, dude.” I grinned and closed my eyes again.


Eric and I had been planning this trip for months. Fly into Cancun International. Catch a bus/taxi into Playa del Carmen and wing it from there. I suppose it’s not so much of a plan when you think about it. I hailed a driver and Eric, and I climbed in. They guy clearly spoke little English, so we just gave him our destination and were on our way.

About twenty minutes into the ride, our driver pulls off the main road and decides he knows a faster way into town. Eric and I are confused since there is very light traffic on the highway. Paved road turned into gravel which turned into dirt. At this point, Eric and I are sacrificing the cost of data usage to check google maps. We show him our phones and try to explain that he is taking a detour. All we got back was “yeah, it’s no problem. Here is faster.”

Strangely enough, the guy was right. At this point, I consider my failure to learn some basic Spanish over the last few months. Once we arrive at a hotel, I decide to bust out the Spanish I do know:
“Queremos mota. Sabes donde esta la mota, seƱor?” The accent is flawless.

I’m Not the Man they Think I am at Home

sound system in mexicoDebauchery, here we come. Armed with a map of the city, a pocketful of sunshine, and enough pesos to bribe Zorro, Eric and I began walking the city. The obvious place to start was downtown, which is party central. Everything was modern and updated. Sanitized for American tourists. Eric and I dipped into an alleyway after eating dinner to light up a joint. This one’s for Che. Wrong country.

We could hear the reggaeton music blaring from Mamita’s Beach Club as we walked up. The nightlife of Playa del Carmen is something special. Latin music breathes into your soul after eight whiskey sours and a night of grinding on beautiful Mexican women. I won’t get into details. Besides, that’s not the only reason we went on this trip. Red, blue, and green ornamental lights that make up much of the city’s decorum inspired a weird sort of Christmas-like sentimentality. As we traveled around downtown, it became abundantly clear which bars were tourist spots and which ones were local favorites.

It’s Just My Job, Five Days a Week

I can’t speak to the beauty of Playa del Carmen and Cancun’s beaches during the day. It wouldn’t do it justice. Over the course of the next three days, Eric and I traveled around the entire Yucatan visiting ruins and scenic beaches. The inherent beauty of the countryside there is overwhelming when you’re not being ushered around by a tour guide. Its aesthetic nature vastly contrasts with the gritty allure of much of the state’s cities. Trips to a foreign country always excite me. I especially like to see the difference between the way a country portrays itself to foreigners and the way it operates behind the scenes. I don’t know; maybe that ‘s just the stoner in me.

It’s Gonna Be a Long, Long Time

dude must have been stone too
Weirdo we met on a beach, dude must have been stone too…

I highly recommend going to Playa del Carmen to have some fun with a friend. Check out the sites. Explore the city. Explore the surrounding area and its beaches. I would also recommend, however, that you try to find an English speaking driver before leaving the airport. It just makes things so much easier. I would love to go back to Playa del Carmen one day, but first I have so many other places to check out. Remember life is short, carpe diem!